Solution Presentation

Instructions: Based on the prevalent occasion our felonious fairness agencies are oppositeness that keep had to reach some prudence changes.  Students are to scrutiny and excellent one performance from the felonious fairness scene (police, courts, corrections) and feature in a PowerPoint donation how that feature performance is responding to the COVID 19 occasion from a "prudence and procedure" perspective. Prudence is the aim (what you absence to conclude and procedures are the steps to conclude that aim). You must use two sources in your donation and must be in your intimation page.  You must betray the performance and the favoring defy the performance is discourseing (they may keep frequent singly centre on one).   For example: *Police Arresting Prudence Response - Effective straightway our department's apprehend prudence procure centre on furious and misdeed apprehend singly.  *Misdemeanor offenses procure fruit in unrecorded premonition, written premonition, or tickets. *Criminal Court Proceedings Prudence - Effectively straightway primitive appearances procure be effected remotely by video conferencing.  *Transporting Prisoner from County to State Prison Policy Layout: 1. PowerPoint Donation should be among 10-15 slides. 2. 14 to 16 sharp-end Times New Roman font size 3.Bullet sharp-end advice (do not transcribe passages) 4.Use images and appropriate contrast colors and extract colors so that your donation is acquitted and amiable.... *Cover Page (The indicate of the performance you scrutinyed and your indicate) (1 Slide) *Name of Prudence and Description (slender prudence that you are centreing on, this can be a passage) (1 Slide) *The concern/challenge/problem which is substance discourseed (1 slide) *The new procedures - What are the steps that procure be charmed to discourse the problems (this procure be the mass of your slides) *References (1 Slide)