Required Readings Gordon, J., & Mackay, G. (2016). The Manner Pyramid: A standard for integrating gregarious composition values, scheme and manner. Journal of Manner Teaching & Learning, 14(3), 64-80. Hothersall, S. J. (2016). Epistemology and gregarious composition: Integrating scheme, examination and manner through wise pragmatism. Gregarious Composition and Gregarious Sciences Review, 18(3), 33-67.   Discussion 2: Integrating Scheme and Practice As a gregarious composition student, it is considerable to know the need for scheme-informed manner. As you assess, intervene, and evaluate in your manner, scheme is an vital establishment for clinical gregarious composition. The use of scheme to apprise and pilot your manner is what establishes you as a professional. In compositioning delay clients, you should regularly be sensible of the underlying scheme of your clinical advent. Through this progress, you allure expand the force to emend loud the hypothetical disingenuous by which you cull your interventions. You allure use scheme in every conclusion you effect as it pilots you through your manner. Additionally, identifying the theories in assessing and creating modify allure effect you a over impudent and serviceable gregarious composition practitioner. By Day 4 Post  an decomposition and name of the concern of the use of scheme in clinical manner. Then draw how the use of scheme relates to the gregarious result you presented in your Introductory Video for this week’s Assignment.