Writing Assignment  For this assignment, parallel and dissimilarity the positions of paired theorists delay i-elation to the associated question. The problem of this analytical assignment procure not demand any added or beyond sources. Each question can be addressed naturalized on advice superficial from the assigned readings and disquisition slides.  Please excellent one of the forthcoming questions: (i) Marx and Nietzsche on ‘anthropological species,’ (ii) Marx and Weber on ‘ideas,’ or (iii) Marx and Durkheim on ‘political solidarity’. On the question of ‘anthropological species,’ consider: How did Marx and Nietzsche’s conceptions of anthropological species bias their critiques of new-fangled participation? On the question of ‘ideas,’ consider: What were Marx and Weber’s views on the unromantic understanding of ideas as forces of political veer? Or, on the question of ‘political solidarity,’ consider: What were Marx and Durkheim’s thoughts on the sources of political solidarity in new-fangled societies?  Papers must suit to the forthcoming format specifications:  ASA quotation fashion (see ‘ASA Fashion Guide’ on SOC 101 CCLE Moodle website) Times 12-point font Double spaced Standard margins  Numbered pages 5 pages in length (Title page not demandd)