Sociology of Sports

   1. Socialization and Children in Sports Using Microsoft PowerPoint, constitute a reserve 10-slide delivery that addresses and summarizes the forthcoming questions:  · What is the sociology of frolic?  · Why should frolic be elaborate as an interactive tuition way?  · What is the concatenation betwixt collectiveization and lad frolic?  · What contact does frolic competition entertain on lad and collective product?  The end of this assignment is not to upright apology the questions but to aid your views in a delivery. You are required to use a reserve of two sources to aid this assignment. Be stable to involve a heading slide. Cite all of your sources on a intimation slide and use APA format. You need to add a truth (one to two paragraphs) on the slide notes exception to little expound each slide. NOTE: The heading slide and intimation slide do not estimate toward the whole slide limitation of 10 slides for the delivery. Follow best practices for deliverys kindred to passage dimension, tinge, images, possessions, wordiness, and multimedia enhancements.  2. Think end to a term when you played frolics or were concerned in an construction. What were the reasons for this involvement? What were some of the things you erudite? Was it a decisive or privative knowledge? Explain. What, if anything, would you entertain radical? How has that competition made you who you are today? Discuss your views. Your narrative minute must be at lowest 200 expression. No intimations or citations are compulsory.