Sociology help

   1. Socialization: Are we who we are owing of "Nature" or "Nurture"? Explain your pattern. Minimum 150 words 2.Mass resources: Why do you imagine these resources programs are potent in ancillary youthful community find potent choices encircling challenging conduct situations? Do you imagine most bulk resources programming, including television and film, encourages fixed or instraightforward diversify in youthful viewers? Explain. Minimum 150 words 3. Political interaction: How frequently bear you determined a ally hoping your circumvent goes at-once to expression mail? Bear you incessantly been dull up following a while through an e-mail, quotation, straightforward notice, or political resources? Why would we rather confabulation to a tool than a veritable individual? Is this a construct of aberration? Peruse further encircling Ritzer’s scheme and go to the discourse consideration to dispute whether the convergence on competency in new-fangled conduct has caused us to beseem averse from one another or not. Is McDonaldization a veritable denunciation to our individualal acquaintance following a while others? Minimum 150 words 4. Transcribe a dirty stipulation on your thoughts encircling the results of the individualality taunt (Screenshot resolute ) I took the individualality taunt short  Result : TYPE: Assertive Defender CODE: ISFJ-A ROLE: Sentinel STRATEGY: Confident Individualism    Mind INTROVERTED 51% Energy OBSERVANT 76% Nature FEELING 85% Tactics JUDGING 85% Identity ASSERTIVE 60% Some points on my individualality: Defenders are the most mitigated individualality idea to: · ...advance to con-over in a still environment · ...cloke their anger · ...advance quotationing to circumventing · ...see comeliness in simplicity · ...bear dirty concern in going into politics) 5.Meme project Create one meme or one vivacious GIF. Tshort are meme generators adapted online. The meme/GIF must be created from a photograph/video that YOU receive. It must peruse as current. All memes must be allied to sociology. (any of the topics explored during the semester) You achieve transcribe (beneath the idea following you bear inserted it) a dirty stipulation 5 – 8 sentences that details what notice you are hard to despatch to community through the meme/GIF.