READ CAREFULLY: Chapters you may use but not required to husband all articles - Sandstrom et al. Ch.1-5. Husband and name by article as needed to livelihood your essay. Name a narrowness of 2 pertinent articles. INSTRUCTIONS: Yield 1 muniment barely to Turn-it-in be-mixed. No emailed essays. No multiple submissions. No past essays. No collaboration. Be abiding your essay is proofread and latestized precedently you yield. Once you yield muniment, it is latest, whether or not you yield present. Turn-it-in gain descry plagiarism at any raze. Be advised of academic rascality prudence famous on syllabus and University website. Academic rascality gain be strictly penalized per University prudence. ESSAY QUESTION: Answer the subjoined essay doubt, in essay format delay an intro, thesis assertion, organization paragraphs, a quittance, and intimations minority in ASA format. The essay should be at lowest 2 double-spaced pages in diffusiveness but no more than 3, and must be yieldted via Turn-it-in. Be abiding to name and intimation the Sandstrom et al. dimensions in ASA format. You shall name and intimation articles 1-5 of your precious to livelihood your essay; but you are not required to name and intimation all the articles. Compare and opposition any sociological collective subjective doctrine healed in the Sandstrom dimensions (i.e. Iowa School SI, Dramaturgical Theory, Exchange Theory, Collective Cognition Theory, Ethnomethodology) delay Chicago School Symbolic Interactionism (Mead/Blumer). In doing so be abiding to accomplish the subjoined: Briefly examine the substance of each doctrine as explanations of collective interaction, collectiveization, and the headstrong. Mention and limit at lowest 3 main concepts from each doctrine. Explain a key power and a key feebleness of each doctrine.