Read the aftercited proviso: Online Socializing   Develop an essay delay a incompleteness of five (5) portion (a portion is 4 to 6 sentences).  The portions are a vindication to the prompts adown (each doubt should be a new portion).  The essay should be a incompleteness of 250 suffrage, using Standard English, appropriate in-text citations, and a Works Cited page.   After balbutiation the proviso you allure deficiency to meet to the aftercited doubts Draw three main conclusions from the proviso. Gain enduring to use notice from the proviso to maintenance the three main conclusions you signed in the proviso. Describe two essential atoms of basis presented on the charts/graph and little expone each basis atom (gain enduring to substantiate and explain the two contrariant age groups represented on the graph and may enduring to use percentages when exponeing the two atoms from the graph). Describe the ways in which this (online collectiveizing) can be defined as a singular molestation or collective outcome.  Be enduring to refer-to favoring manifestation from the proviso to maintenance your situation (i.e. be enduring to grasp other cultural perspectives in adduction to your own).   Explore how the collective phenomena (online collectiveizing) discussed in the proviso may or may not conduce to ethnical disinclination and/or collective perdition (i.e. be enduring to grasp other cultural perspectives in adduction to your own) Based on your investigation on prompts quantity 1-4 gain three (3) recommendations including, but not poor to: A deficiency for advenient examination on this collective phenomenon The bud of new laws or general policies to harangue this outcome Relevant programs to succor living-souls and groups respecting the outcome Criteria for Success:   Students allure deficiency to: Provide an essay that has the aftercited atoms: A incompleteness of 250 suffrage (it is minute if your essay is balance 250 suffrage). A incompleteness of five (5) portions (your vindication to each doubt should be a new portion) The use of appropriate Standard English The use of appropriate in-text citations