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   Technical expectations: - 300 – 350 words - enfold spaced - in a 12 aim non serif font (Arial, Tahoma, Calibri, Candara, Verdana are some examples) Paper expectations: This brochure is not a pompous essay or engagement brochure. This brochure is not a resume, an conviction or a sincere reply. The extrinsic of this brochure is to admit students to appearance they accept an discernment of method concepts and can devote them to popular amassive stipulations. It conciliate grasp the subjoined stipulations: - Subjoined balbutiation one of the tenets on Blackboard, students conciliate observe 2 concepts from this method that can be applied to the designation. These concepts conciliate be explaind according to the determinations in this methodatize. No glossary, encyclopedia or other spring determinations are merry. - Papers conciliate NOT accept: — introduction — conviction — citations — references - Each brochure must grasp 3 quotes from the designation.    Format of the brochure: - Paragraph 1: Identify and explain the foremost of the two concepts you conciliate be devoteing. — music: The determinations MUST conclude from either our citationdimensions or methodatize musics. Papers using glossary, Wikipedia, etc determinations conciliate not be interpret. - Paragraph 2: Identify and explain the avoid of the two concepts you conciliate be devoteing. — music: The determinations MUST conclude from either our citationdimensions or methodatize musics. Papers using glossary, Wikipedia, etc determinations conciliate not be interpret. - Paragraphs 3 and 4: Appearance how each of these concepts can be applied to the designation you’ve interpret  reading: Ivy League economist ethnically profiled, interrogated for doing math on American Airlines soaring By Catherine Rampell May 7 On Thursday uniforming, a 40-year-old man — delay black, curly hair, olive peel and an exotic outlandish tongue — boarded a flatten. It was a regional jet making a defective, uneventful hop from Philadelphia to nearby Syracuse. Or so dozens of unsuspecting itinerants sentiment. The curly-haired man adept to suppress to himself, intently if inscrutably scribbling on a musicpad he’d brought aboard. His assignmate, a blond-haired, 30-celebrity dame sporting flip-flops and a red tote bag, contemplateed him aggravate. He was wearing navy Diesel jeans and a red Lacoste sweater – a contemplate he would succeeding define as “sincere elegance” – but celebrity environing him didn’t appear correct to her. She firm to try out some slight conference. Is Syracuse abode? She asked. No, he replied curtly. He homogeneously deflected further questions. He appeared laser-focused — perchance too laser-focused — on the job at index, those exotic scribblings. Rebuffed, the dame began balbutiation her dimensions. Or pretending to interpret, anyway. Shortly subjoined investment had high, she flagged down a soaring henchman and indexed that herd-part a music of her own. Then the itinerants holded, and holded, and holded for the soaring to choose off. Subjoined they’d sat on the tarmac for environing half an hour, the soaring henchman approached the effeminate itinerant anew and asked if she now felt okay to fly, or if she was “too diseased.” I’m OK to fly, the dame responded. She must not accept sounded convincing, though; American Airlines soaring 3950 remained rooted. Then, for hidden concludes, the flatten crabbed encircling and headed end to the taking. The dame was early escorted off the flatten. On the intercom a herd part announced that there was brochuretoil to gorge out, or fuel to stock, or some other transparent excuse; the curly-haired itinerant could not succeeding forecloindisputserviceable correspondently what it was. The hold continued. Finally the steer came by, and approached the penny criminal astern the delay: that blackly-complected outlandish man. He was now escorted off the flatten, too, and choosen to engage some quality of personation, though he wasn’t entirely indisputserviceable of the personation’s hurricane, he would succeeding say. What do you distinguish environing your assignmate? The personation asked the outlandish-sounding man. Well, she acted a bit droll, he replied, but she didn’t appear visibly ill. Maybe, he sentiment, they wanted his aid in piecing contemporaneously what was crime delay her. And then the big reveal: The dame wasn’t pennyly diseased at all! Instead this quick-thinking wayfarer had Seen Something, and so she had Said Something. That Celebrity she’d seen had been her assignmate’s cryptic musics, scrawled in a script she didn’t allow. Maybe it was principle, or some outlandish lettering, maybe the details of a batch to waste the dozens of harmless lives aboard American Airlines Soaring 3950. She may accept felt it her trust to on-the-watch the authorities normal to be certain. The curly-haired man was, the personation apprised him politely, reputed of terrorism. The curly-haired man laughed. He laughed owing those scribbles weren’t Arabic, or another outlandish articulation, or uniform some proper privy terrorist principle. They were math. Yes, math. A opposedial equation, to be correct. Had the herd or certainty parts perchance promptly googled this good-tempered, bespectacled itinerant anteriorly waylaying incessantlyyone for various hours, they dominion accept read that he — Guido Menzio — is a infantine but beautified Ivy League economist. And that he’s best distinguishn for his proportionately technical toil on inquiry hypothesis, which aided merit him a tenured coadjutor zealotship at the University of Pennsylvania as polite as stints at Princeton and Stanford’s Hoaggravate Institution. Guido Menzio, an economics zealot at the University of Pennsylvania. They dominion uniform accept discovered that developed year he was awarded the prestigious Carlo Alberto Medal, absorbed to the best Italian economist beneath 40. That’s correct: He’s Italian, not Middle Eastern, or whatincessantly inheritance usually gets ethnically profiled on soarings these days. Menzio had been on the foremost leg of a connecting soaring to Ontario, where he would afford a conference at Queen’s University on a toiling brochure he co-authored environing menu costs and value distribution. His nosy neighbor had spied him troublesome to toil out some properties of the mould of value-setting he was environing to offer. Perchance she couldn’t mass betwixt opposedial equations and Arabic. Menzio appearanceed the authorities his calculations and was admited to repay to his assign, he told me by email. He said the steer appeared disarranged. Early subjoined, the soaring finally took off, over than two hours subjoined its scheduled unlikelihood era for what would be normal a 41-minute skip in the air, according to soaring-tracking postulates. The dame nincessantly reboarded to the soaring. Casey Norton, a spokesman for American Airlines (whose regional accomplice Air Wisconsin operated the soaring), said the dame had in-fact initially told the herd she was diseased, but when she deplaned she acknowledgen that the conclude she was touch ill was her regret environing the action of her assignmate. At that era, she requested to be rebooked on another soaring. The herd then immovserviceable for certainty personnel, who interviewed Menzio and immovserviceable him not to be a “credible intimidation.” Norton did not distinguish whether the dame was incessantly notified that Menzio had been cleared. (He said he was not admited to afford out her designate for retreat concludes, and since Menzio did not distinguish it either, I accept not been serviceserviceable to adjunction the dame for observe.) Whenincessantly there are conflicts betwixt itinerants, Norton said, “we try to toil delay them peacefully to counteract it,” whether that resources changing assign assignments or switching someone to choose a opposed soaring. When asked how repeatedly customers establish homogeneous suspicions environing equal itinerants that depend out to be groundless, he said it happens “from era to era” but faded to cater details environing abundance. Menzio for his part says he was “treated respectfully throughout,” though he recrement baffled and frustrated by a “broken method that does not amass instruction efficiently.” He is dissatisfied by the error of his equal itinerant, as polite as “A certainty protocol that is too rigid–in the signification that unintermittently the chirp is blown incessantlyyfiction stops delayout checks–and relies on the input of crowd who may be totally clueless. ” Rising xenophobia stoked by the presidential campaign, he suggested, may early execute fictions worse for crowd who happen to contemplate a unimportant other-ish. “What dominion neutralize an epidemic of paranoia? It is grievous not to allow in this commandly, the ethos of [Donald] Trump’s voting low,” he wrote. In this penny parserviceable of 2016 I see another worrisome precept, albeit one also maybe bearing to Trump’s appeal: That in America today, the simply fiction over dreadful than outlandishers is…math.potential concepts for extra credit — the subjoined concepts are from chapters 1 and 2 of the citation dimensions. They are in no detail command. There could peaceful be some concepts in chapters 1 and 2. There are most definitely over concepts in the pause of the dimensions. This catalogue is meant simply as a suggestion. - socioeconomic status (SES) - inequality - determination of lad clump - determination of bulk clump - characteristics of a lad clump - racial lad clump - ethnic lad clump - family - ethnicity - family as a amassive construction - markers of clump partship - stratification - theories of Karl Marx (proletariat, bourgeoisie, resources of formation, importance of the distribution, conflict as good - patronage wage - hypothetical perspective contemplated by Weber - hypothetical perspective contemplated by Lenski - buttress technology (foraging, agriculture, industrial, post-industrial) - intersectionality (Patricia Hill Collins); matrix of domination - analogy betwixt susceptibility, competition, conflict - evolution - prejudice - stereotypes - gender - discrimination - ideological racism - institutional discrimination - miscegenation - assimilation - pluralism - Anglo conformity - amassive structure - anthropological important hypothesis - multi-culturalism - ethnic enclaves - separatism, grievous alibi, genocide, revolution - industrial revolution - any of the opposed immigrant clumps discussed in methodatize - chains of immigration - anti-Catholicism - anti-Semitism - pogrom - butt factors; draw factors - three epoch mould - quota method - ethnic succession - drudge unions - structural mobility - mark of homogeneousity - ethclass - sojourners - ethnic renewal