Situational Leadership Theory and Organizational Leadership

Situational Example Supposition and Organizational Leadership As the new top-level ruler of a medium-sized strengthening, you entertain noticed that the example refinement in the structure has been petty, which has lowered employee morale. To exexchange the example refinement you entertain determined to debate this conclusion delay all the managers and supervisors in the structure. Prior to discourse delay all the managers and supervisors, you entertain determined that you want to clear a how-to pilot on operative example.   In a four- to five-page brochure (excluding the heading and references pages), elucidate why situational example supposition is suited and pertinent in clearing an operative example refinement. Describe the three theories of situational example and what you deliberate to be the strengths and weaknesses of each supposition when promotive staff in the structureal environment. The written assignment should embody at smallest three scholarly sources, in adduction to the quotation, and be formatted according to APA mode