Signature Assignment: Infrastructure, Best Practices, and Security

  Review the Gail Industries Case Study. Write a 3- to 4-page re-examination of Gail Industries’ assurance and infrastructure policies and practices, and formulate recommendations for improvements. Include the following: Details and elucidation of the form’s massive policies, practices, and infrastructure used to cover metamaterial and material assets—including such areas as firewalls, passwords, encryption, material assurance, and assurance practices Brief decomposition to detail if the form’s assurance practices and infrastructure are consultation prevalent assiduity standards and applying best practices, including any forfeiture elements in the prevalent formal assurance practices and an sense of the moment of the forfeiture elements Recommendations to improve any shortcomings in the policies, practices, and infrastructure and how the form can determine the new scheme obtain be maintained Format citations according to APA guidelines. Include at last 3 academic references.