Short-Term Financial Management Submission

Assignment Details Cash is King! Good currency conduct is an quantitative job of the financial manager! You own a weak auto sales interest designated King Kars. You hoard up on catalogue in February, April, June, and September. Your annual currency budget indicates that your MONTHLY NET CASH for the year gain be the following: JAN  $5,000 FEB  -$30,000 MAR  $20,000 APRIL -$35,000 MAY  $25,000 JUNE  -$10,000 JULY  $25,000 AUG   $25,000 SEPT  -$30,000 OCT  $15,000 NOV  $15,000 DEC  $25,000 You arise the year delay a currency redress of $50,000, and the reserve currency redress desired must be $50,000 total month. Prepare a currency course epitome and exterior financing epitome as eminent in the Excel spreadsheet assigned to this acquiescence.  Do you consider that the gang needs beyond financing?  What is the reserve length of belief to beseech from a lender?  Do you contemplate you are a good-tempered-tempered claimant for the length of belief? Why?  Please succumb the Excel template inferior, saved inferior your designate, delay the columns and rows completed delay the currency courses. Also in this template, you must include  the answers to questions 2 and 3 in the assignment.  Click near to download the template. The use of 1 read beginning (e.g., textbook, condition from the CEC Library) is required. Deliverable Length:  1 Excel spreadsheet delay answers to all questions