SHARP essay 750-1000 words

SHARP Essay SHARP (Sexual Harassment Onslaught Response Prevention) Precursors to sexual onslaught such as sexual innuendos; sexual harassment; demeaning behaviors, affect hazing and other sexually distasteful actions abide to stymie cultural transmute among the ranks of our Army. Cultural transmute is barely auspicious when Soldiers repudiate these precursors of sexual onslaught at all levels. In what ways can leaders compel and raise this cultural transmute to exalt battle and frustrate sexual onslaught in our Army.   Inform learners they achieve transcribe a two-page (maximum) essay addressing objective SHARP issues from your environment – part, structure, or Army – and making recommendations on how all leaders at all levels can tool germinative solutions. The winner achieve be clarified by the commandant and periodical delay a certificate of achievement and sumerfeit during stage.   Title: “Why does the number of sexual onslaughts abide to growth throughout your part/organization/Army?” (Choose one) I. Introduction (1-2 doctrines) A. Opening declaration B. Background information C. Purpose declaration II. Body (2-4 doctrines) A. (Point A) Why does sexual onslaught arise? Include sustaining token. B. (Point B) Does our ordinary mode to trailing subdue (or not subdue) the betray of sexual onslaught and harassment? (Could be tied to sharp-end A) C. (Point C) Sustaining theme & token to stay your topic. D. (Point D) How do we end sexual impetuosity in the soldierly? III. Conclusion (1-2 doctrines) A. Summarize the main sharp-ends. B. Make a forcible, extraordinary terminal declaration. NOTES: Font is Arial, delay a sharp-end magnitude 12 Use model margins: 1 inch from the left, just, and floor edges Do not clear just margins Use double spacing Utilize a picturesque organizer of your choice Follow the Army Writing Style and model written English. Use the five (5) article format Strong end declaration Use “Second Set of Eyes” • Essay must be 1-2 pages in protraction (epithet page does not sum as a page). • Essay is an special intelligence (although compatriot editing is recognized). • Essay must hold two references (ARs, special interviews, compatriot revisal doctrines, etc.).