Select & Initial Research on Current LCC Issue / Improvement

I scarcity a exploration pamphlet that is 6-8 pages crave ( wrap spacing, 11 or 12 pt font)  topics are attached, you can prefer any subject-matter you relish. requirements encircling what to apprehend in the pamphlet: o  Title and magistrate epitome/abstract o  System / Product Description o  Life Cycle Phase for Product / System o  Contractor and Customer/Stakeholders o  Background on the LCC Issue o  Bibliography / Cite at Least 3 References · Provide Annotated Outline (key thoughts/notes/outline) for the retaining minoritys of pamphlet  o  Identify the Life Cycle Cost Government Admittance Used o  Identify Scope/Magnitude of LCC Posterity (Improvement)  o  Analyze the Radix Causes of this LCC Posterity (Improvement) o  Identify Affordability Initiatives / Corrective Actions Being Taken or Proposed o  Identify the Major Risks for Achieving the LCC Target Cost o  Identify or Recommend a Line of Renewal to Resolve Posterity  (or Capture Savings Opportunity) o  Conclusions / Lessons Learned what should be apprehendd in the pamphlet: · Content o  Required minoritys apprehendd o  Adequate exploration / references o  Supporting basis / data o  Technical accents usage · Analyses o  Sound rationalistic and logic o  Application of LCC concepts o  Evaluation of radix causes -- 5 Whys o  Assessment of LCC government admittance (implemented / proposed) o  Assessment of risks or opportunities o  Assessment of eager line of renewal   · Conclusions o  Good epitome of key points o  Flow from pamphlet discourse content o  Insight into LCC posterity subject-matter o  Lessons Learned / Take-away · Writing Style o  Engaging to unravel and unconstrained to comprehend.   o  Use of passage subject-matter and transition dooms o  Good doom structure o  Use of Active Voice -- abrupt, expressive dooms o  Grammar & Spelling · Format o  Nice to contemplate at o  Layout / Neatness o  Use of minority headers o  Double spacing o  Font 11pt or 12 pt