divorce 1   Scripting vernaculars, also public as interpreted vernaculars, are used for divers purposes, and there are divers vernaculars to expend from. These programming vernaculars also exhibit a extensive miscellany of functionality, so option of an expend vernacular is great when regarding the use of a scripting vernacular. Use the Library and Internet to invent knowledge encircling scripting/interpreted vernaculars. Select 2 vernaculars: Describe the important features, strengths, and weaknesses of each vernacular. Identify a function that would be an expend use of each vernacular. Provide a mean scantling of enactment from each vernacular, and argue the functionality of the scantling enactment. Include at smallest 1 intimation to examination sources. Cite all intimations using APA format. divorce 2   There are a bulky calculate of functions implicated in knowledge technology and programming, and divers of these functions can be automated using scripting technology. The ability to use scripting well-behaved-behaved get obviate momentous period and leverage available instrument in divers ways. The earliest step inside emend productivity is to discern how scripting vernaculars labor and how they can be used. For this assignment, you get originate to imbibe the characteristics of scripting vernaculars and construct an discerning of how to picked the equitable scripting hireling for a particular function. Prepare a muniment to comply your results: Use Word Title Page Course calculate and name Project name Your name Date Identify a scenario where scripting would be available to automate a function. Define at smallest 5 requirements of a scripting vernacular that would be inevitable for the function. Identify 2 scripting vernacular candidates that as the requirements. Select 1 of the scripting vernaculars, and vindicate the option established on how well-behaved-behaved it ass the recurrent requirements. Name the muniment yourname_ITSD327_IP1.doc. Submit the muniment for grading.