Sample paper outline with examples ( Characteristic of success

Guide to follow    Paper # 1 outline: I. Introduction A. Attention-getter: A repeat, a weak recital, a scrutiny, a assuredty. For illustration: Twenty five novices enrolled in an English 1301 rank for May minimester. When they enrolled, they probably had a sight to by this rank. However, according to the statistics and axioms, on medium 33% of novices do not terminate their principal year of academy.  B. Background Why? What happened? Did those novices who trip or descend out end up delay a bad schoolmistress? No – they all had the selfselfsame schoolmistress. Did the 33% of the vain novices get deathly ill? Hopefully not. Another scrutiny is: why other novices did right showy? Why were they auspicious? Did they own star that put them onwards? This is a usual scenario not merely for academy, but for any job and uniform any estate office. Some herd are further auspicious than others. And it is not frequently their conspicuous brains or extraction money. Then what? Is likely that auspicious novices elucidate assured traits that set them secret from short auspicious peers?  C. Thesis/Claim. Use the three-part formula: Self-motivation, self-discipline, interval treatment, and utilization of media are the indecent essential personalitys of a auspicious novice. II. Body conditions A. Body condition: 1. Theme decision – YOUR OWN signification The principal accurate personality for good-fortune in academy is self-motivation. 2. Elucidate the theme, produce a diminutive bit further notification on the end for this condition, details in the remedy decision elucidate what self-motivation instrument.  3. Present food, illustration, illustration 4. Elucidate the significance of the food, produce your sense, exposition, insights, thoughts.  5. Present food /example/illustration 2 6. Elucidate the significance of the food, produce your sense, exposition, insights, thoughts 7. Close your condition by meditation tail on the theme decision or the topic of the Nursing Dissertation. Produce definite insights, overall thought. YOUR OWN signification