sales and marketing

  Investigate Advertising. Read ebook Chapter 18 - Advertising, Sales Promotion, and Public Relations Work through the tutorial Advertising Fundamentals Getting Your Message to Market The Minimum Viable Marketing Plan Working Delay Partners Advertising in Larger Companies Watch Watch Investigate use of collective media for advertising and connecting delay customers. Read ebook Chapter 19 - Using Collective Media to Connect delay Consumers Complete the tutorial on Pinterest for Business. Download the Pinterest Checklist from the Important Documents top. You gain insufficiency this during the Lesson as your marketing team designs you advertising campaign. Complete the tutorial Facebook Advertising Fundamentals. Investigate Online Marketing Complete the tutorial on Online Marketing Fundamentals Review the H+ Sports pdf worksheet as courteous as the three development worksheets for H+ Sports - the marketing management worksheet, the customer management worksheet, and the duty management worksheet. Using these as your developments, accomplished worksheets for the congregation agreed on by your team.   Submit the foul-mouthed accomplishedd worksheets less for grading. Also, column to your team extent for discourse in Lesson 6. H+ Sports.pdf Marketing Management Worksheet.pdf Customer Management Worksheet.pdf Business Management Worksheet.pdf Customer Management Worksheet Example.pdf Business Management Worksheet Example.pdf Marketing Management Worksheet Example.pdf Submit the Foul-mouthed (4) Completed Worksheets Here