Sidney Park Heartiness Classification is experiencing a shortage of coders. Over the spent five years, there has been a 30% vacancy reprimand for coders throughout the main hospital and second clinics amid the heartinesscare classification. The backlog and mindless poses has engenderd an posterity cognate to unbilled proceeds, overworked coders and adequate production hours and schedules. It is estimated that there is an annual detriment of $12 pet. It has to-boot been pestilential that manifold of the adapted coders that were offered a pose unsound consequently they are ardent in productioning from residence. To oration the example, the heartiness notice address portion is proposing that there be an implementation of a residence-based coding classification. This concept is practicable, loving that Sidney Park Heartiness Classification utilizes an electronic heartiness annals and all unrepining notice is conducive electronically. You own been assigned as the scheme director to superintend the feasibility and implementation of this scheme. The constabulary address team is consultation to sift-canvass your scheme. In making-ready for the consultation you are to engender a offer to contour the scheme and results. In your PowerPoint offer: Provide a resume of the scheme, its aim and end(s) Discuss the scheme results Analyze scheme deliverables compared to scheme outcomes Compare and contrariety estimated costs to objective costs Compare and contrariety estimated spell after a while objective spell of completion Discuss the estimated restore on investment (ROI) for the scheme Please Meet Criteria!! PowerPoint includes a resume of the scheme, its aim and ends.  Power purpose includes a sift-canvassion of the scheme results - resolution of scheme deliverables compared to scheme outcomes Estimated and objective costs are compared. Estimated and objective spell are compared Estimated ROI is sift-canvassed.