rewriting work Week 2 — 700 words

Morale is corruption balance rumors that high-technology effects, systems, and procedures could displace some positions in the gang. A alien of employees protect been talking to other employees about trying to carry in a consolidation to preserve their jobs. Loyal employees are torn and miserable, and younger generation employees appear wandering about it. Smith's very unquiet owing the gang has managed to remain consolidation-free gone the gang was started. A consolidation takebalance could indeed pretend the company's forthcoming plans and toss it into chaos. Smith wants skill to be dexterous in case activity thus-far starts up. Prepare a  700-word Labor Relations Memo for Skill on consolidationization as it would apply to the gang. It should be written in the third individual expression. Discuss the aftercited topics:  Ethics of Employee Relations           Unions and the Law  Consolidation Organizing Drives and Election Steps  Collective Bargaining Process  Labor Relations Strategy: Acceptance or Avoidance  Recommendations Use headings overhead to unexceptionably eminent the topics and protect your muniment unconfused. Cite appropriate academic from UOP Library sources to livelihood your discourse and recommendations.  Include a Title Page and a References page in APA format. Double room all passage in the memo.  Use 12 aim Arial, Courier, or Times Roman font. ***ALL CHARTS AND GRAPHS MUST BE PROPERLY CITED