Research paper

This week's lection centered environing how Big Grounds analytics can be used delay Smart Cities. This is interesting and can cater divers benefits to men-folks as polite as forms. For this week's examination assignment, you are to pursuit the Internet for other uses of Big Grounds in RADICAL platforms. Please gather an form or two and argue the usage of big grounds in RADICAL platforms including how big grounds analytics is used in those situations as polite as delay Smart Cities. Be unmistakable to use the UC Library for skilled examination. Google Scholar is the 2nd best non-interference to use for examination. Your Nursing essay should coalesce the aftercited requirements: • Be almost 3-5 pages in prolixity, not including the required protect page and allusion page. • Follow APA guidelines. Your Nursing essay should grasp an preface, a substance delay largely patent pure satisfied, and a falsification. • Aid your acceptance delay the lections from the line and at last five peer-reviewed catechism or skilled journals to aid your positions, claims, and observations.  The UC Library is a exalted attribute to confront instrument. • Be pure delay polite-written, summary, using excusable expression and phraseology techniques. You are being graded in separate on the description of your communication.