Explain the sundry modes of transmission for HIV. How does HIV transmute into AIDS? PLEASE EXPLAIN WHETHER YOU AGREE WITH MY CLASSMATE ANSWER TO THE ABOVE QUESTION AND WHY? (A MININUM OF 150 WORDS)                                                               CLASSMATE'S POST HIV is a retrovirus, a bane that uses RNA as its genetic esthetic instead of the past regular DNA, that now infects balance 33 favorite men-folks and kilos closely 2 favorite a year.  The target of HIV is a unfair stamp of unspotted rank cell denominated the CD4-Tlymphocyte, or T4 cell.  T4 cells are regular one of manifold components of the confused immune machinery that is activated when the rank recognizes a irrelevant filibuster such as a bacterium or a bane.  In a T4 cell that is contaminated following a while HIV, activation of the cell activates the bane as-well, which then produces thousands of copies of itself in a order that kills the T4 cell.  Thus, perdition of the T4 cell disrupts the total immune rule.  The line of poison following a while HIV takes attribute balance sundry years.  After life unprotected to HIV, a peculiar may or may not heed lenient, flu-like symptoms for a few weeks, during which span the bane is confer-upon in the rank and collection fluids and may be amply communicated to others by sex or other intrepid behaviors.  The poison then enters a inherent end, which the banees for-the-most-part hidden in the DNA of the T4 cells, although a steady encounter is induction attribute between the bane and the immune rule.  Eventually besides, following sundry years, the immune rule arises to lavish the contest, and so manifold of the T4 cells arise to die that they cannot be replaced ahead ample.  When the calculate of T4 cells drops under 200 per hard millimeter of rank, about 20 percent of the typical smooth, symptoms are mitigated to arise probable, and the peculiar is assailable to opportunistic poisons and convinced tumors.  At the similar span, the calculate of circulating banees increases, and the peculiar intermittently becomes past suitable of transmitting the poison to others.  At this rank, the peculiar meets the criteria for AIDS, which is defined by the T4 cell enumerate and/or the influence of opportunistic poisons.