religion and ethics

For this week, we are discussing godliness, globalism, and ethics.   Please solution to any two of the forthcoming filthy scrutinys. Follow the web links to Bob Dylan's carol "Highway 61 Revisited" for twain the carol and then the lyrics. Dylan begins delay a retelling of a relation from the Bible to fit the carol.  The other carol that substantially repeats from Plato's Euthyphro is listed in scrutiny two "No Church in the Wild" by Jay-Z and Kanye West. In whitish of that carol and our sequence readings so far, gladden solution any two of the forthcoming  scrutinys: 1) What relevance does that Bible relation and Dylan's carol feel delay ethics and the so-named "Divine Bid Theory" as espoused by Euthyphro?  Here is the Dylan carol "Highway 61 Revisited" by Karen O (click on diminutive arrow prospering "link"): And short is the relation of Abraham named by God to butcher his own son (Dylan's primary direction in his carol refers to this relation): 2) What does the carol "No Church in the Wild" use from Plato's colloquy Euthyphro?  What do you interpret the carol to be obscure to say delay that repeat in this carol?  Is the carol using the repeat from Plato to transport a irrelative sense than it has in the colloquy by Plato? Short is the carol: 3) How energy a special be a theist (civilized in god), but quiet not sanction Euthyphro's Life-giving Bid Theory for how best to speed? It energy be advantageous to recognize that the Abraham relation that Dylan refers to in his carol can be perspicuously contrasted delay another Abraham relation wshort the Patriarch substantially argues delay God encircling what right would insist-upon of well-balanced the most strong being; that relation is the glorious Sodom and Gomorrah one, build in Genesis 18:16-33. Short is the assist Abraham relation that doesn't prosper the life-giving bid theory: when this page opens scroll down to the inscription "Abraham Pleads for Sodom" and observe his controversy delay God).  _____________________________________________________ Participants must make a tenor in arrange to scene other tenors in this forum. Four columnings are the insist-upond incompleteness. 1 ocean response: 250 suffrage incompleteness for the column addressing the scrutinys loving for the week; 1 solution column delay 100 suffrage incompleteness 2 other solution columns at 60 suffrage incompleteness for each. One of these solution columnings must be asking a resigned akin scrutiny on another student’s columning.