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Resume Senior IT Auditor Macy's Cincinnati Full-Time  $85,188.00 (Careerbuilder est.) Apply on union site Job Details Union Overview Job Overview: Macy’s, Inc. is seeking competent canvassers for a Senior Auditor, IT Interior Audit. The resolve of this standing is to discharge audits and/or extraordinary retrospects of the Company’s curbs and progresss aggravate Notification Technology (IT) infrastructure, systems fruit and transexercise applications in harmony delay the annual induce-established audit contrivance for drawing and unimpeded agency of interior curbs, including Sarbanes-Oxley kindred curbs.  Discharge other duties as assigned.  Perform other duties as assigned. This standing is established in Cincinnati, OH. Essential Functions: • Contrivance for upcoming audits through a aid of ideas on the methodology and arrival for upcoming assignments established on retrospect of earlier year’s audit operation Nursing Dissertations, flowcharts and audit announce.  • Conduct interviews delay the way and transexercise owners at all equalizes and opposite the operation to infer notification, perpetuate key induces, areas of concerns, and the expected interior curb that should be in locate. Unconnectedly enact predesigned audit ordeals and assess the identity and agency of the transexercise areas wayes, policies or curbs.   Identify gaps/opportunities/key induces and enunciate alterative exercises to harangue gaps or assess identity of solutions offered by transexercise partners.  • Discharge all separation of notification elicited through interviews and muniment retrospect by demonstrating authoritative unbelief and embezzle follow-up.• Give and perpetuate audit findings/issues and the kindred alterative exercise to several equalizes of way/transexercise owners.  • Muniment impost and ordeal results in consent delay interior audit diligence (i.e., Institute of Interior Auditors) and sectional standards.  Accurately ad written audit finding/issue and applying intelligence and separation to confide the kindred alterative exercise.   • Assist Staff Auditors in dischargeing their job responsibilities by providing them delay on-the-job luxuriance and coaching, effectual in match announces of audit findings, and making confideations for alterative exercise.• Supervise, coach and discharge Manager Responsibilities when assigned as the “In-Charge”.  • Completion of required interior audit section tasks needed to secure the section’s consent delay authoritative diligence standards (e.g., self-retrospect of audit operation, appertinent seal-out of the audit files, adequately responding to director retrospect comments, etc.), as courteous as contrivancening for the contiguous assignment.  • Travel is seally 40%.• Regular, dependtalented retinue & promptitude . Qualifications:  Education/Experience:  • A 4-year inferiorgraduate limit in kindred arena of examine (e.g., Management Notification Systems, Notification Technology, Computer Science, and Transexercise delay Masters of Accountancy program – IT trace)) is required. • Up to 4 years of pertinent earlier operation trial and kindred diligence or IT open accounting operation trial is required.  • A CISA or CISSP is preferred, but not required.  • A hale inferiorstanding of induce established tardy IT auditing in a dynamic and changing environment applying embezzle IT curb frameworks (e.g. COBIT, PCI, FFIEC) to evaluate areas of induce is required.    Communication Skills:  • Excellent written and parole message skills.  • Power to unravel, transcribe and solve instructional muniments such as announces and progress manuals.  Mathematical Skills: • Must entertain aloft middle unimaginative skills, including the power to scold rates, ratios, and percentages, and the power to operation delay unimaginative concepts such as probpower and statistical consequence.  Reasoning Ability:  • Must be talented to operation unconnectedly but inferior embezzle supervision.  Physical Demands: • This standing implicates comprehensive periods of sitting and the bulky use of scoldr and the appointment equipment. • May implicate stooping, kneeling, or crouching. • Involves seal confidence, perversion confidence, profundity cognizance, and rendezvous settlement. • May implicate tender or lifting items inferior 10 pounds. Other Skills:  • This standing requires analytic and problem-solving power to retrospect and evaluate an operation’s aggravateall curb environment.  • In union, it requires the power to prove amiserviceable intelligence, authoritative unbelief, and a hale education proneness to inferiorstand the Company’s transexercise wayes as courteous as the power to operation delay minimal superconfidence and prove a violent equalize of importune and start.  • The indivisible should prove investigate technical forwardness and the willingness and power to attain tardy IT environments (in detail, awareness of General IT curbs and activities).  • The canvasser must be talented to effectually impart delay several equalizes of the Company, argue embezzle induces, and give audit findings in a unclouded and authoritative style.  Work Hours: • Power to operation a flexile list established on section and store/union needs.  • Travel is seally 40%. This job style is not all additive. Macy’s Inc. reserves the fair to correct this job style at any era. Macy's Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to a separate and additive operation environment. Assignment :   Review the IT/IS Auditor Job Functions/Resume pattern granted in this folder. Select and argue 2 components on the renew that relates to your advenient or ordinary job. Your reminiscent impost Nursing Dissertation should be at lowest 100 articulation, double-spaced, and typed in an easy-to-unravel MS Word (other wayors are thin to use but rescue it in MS Word format). My ordinary job : QA engineer