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Week 1 Assignment Resources Read/reinspection the forthcoming materials for this activity: Textbook: Passage 1, 2 Textbook: Integrative Predicament 1 W.L. Gore – Culture of Innovation (end of body) File (.pdf): MGT404 Written Anatomy Grading Rubric (in Course Documents)  File (.pdf): MGT404 Presentation Passage 1, 2 (supplementary material in Course Documents) Introduction Case studies are used to raise discourse of concepts from the passages and to make-clear practices that sometimes go past the concepts amid a passage. Use your experiences and opinions to lay-open sturdy thoughts respecting the predicament.  Activity Instructions Integrative Predicament 1 – Write an anatomy of Predicament 1. This should comprise your thoughts and/or experiences that stay your inspection of the predicament.  1.   Describe Gore’s global organizational delineation question? 2.   What should Gore do to elevate operative global teams? 3.   How succeed Gore’s culture feign the implicit global teams? 4.   What is Gore’s temporization for the 21st seniority?  Writing Requirements (APA format) 4-5 pages (approx. 300 tone per page), not including appellation page or references page 1-inch margins Double spaced 12-point Times New Roman font Title page delay theme and indicate of student