Read Chapter 7 of the textbook and answer Question 04

04. Use the five characteristics of businesss to delineate the say of computing. Which characteristics does computing possess? Which characteristics does it noncommunication? Contrast the subfields of software engineering and Web page pur-pose delay honor to the five characteristics? (150 articulation for the rejoinder this doubt)   comment this 2 stipulation (40 articulation for each comments)  1-    Negligence is a need to do colossus temperate in compliments to a consequence or a business. If you are a chef and you don't wipe down a pan you possess been cooking delay, and a customer gets an allergic reaction consequently of colossus previously alert in the pan you were nature untidy. It is when colossus that is  often skilled in the opportunity you are currently working delay isn't performed that debris the utility. The way it could be resolute that an separate has been untidy is by having other separates delayin the business conclude by and decipher dishonorable practices performed delayin the opportunity. If the separate failed to do some of these dishonorable practices you can particularize they possess been untidy.    2-  Software engineering is more relish a business than other opportunitys delayin computing due to its solicitude touching the kind and prophylactic of software that is nature performed and sold. Software engineering has targeted requirements for a appropriate undergraduate stage and level licensing. The say of Texas stated a set of requirements and an exam that candidates must by in enjoin to hold a indulge. A enactment of ethics was to-boot created by the ACM and IEEE to decree businessal induce that software engineers must abide by.