Read Chapter 7 of the textbook and answer Question 04

04. Use the five characteristics of businesss to expound the set-forth of computing. Which characteristics does computing own? Which characteristics does it after a whiledrawal? Contrast the subfields of software engineering and Web page sketch after a while deference to the five characteristics? (150 opinion for the repartee this topic)   comment this 2 season (40 opinion for each comments)  1-    Negligence is a want to do triton self-possessed in compliments to a issue or a business. If you are a chef and you don't wipe down a pan you own been cooking after a while, and a customer gets an allergic reaction owing of triton previously facile in the pan you were life slatternly. It is when triton that is  invariably familiar in the arena you are currently working after a while isn't performed that rubbish the benefit. The way it could be fixed that an peculiar has been slatternly is by having other peculiars after a whilein the business end by and expound contemptible practices performed after a whilein the arena. If the peculiar failed to do some of these contemptible practices you can detail they own been slatternly.    2-  Software engineering is more enjoy a business than other arenas after a whilein computing due to its institution touching the character and insurance of software that is life produced and sold. Software engineering has targeted requirements for a extraordinary undergraduate stage and level licensing. The set-forth of Texas recurrent a set of requirements and an exam that candidates must by in prescribe to accept a indulge. A rule of ethics was besides created by the ACM and IEEE to instruct businessal commence that software engineers must delay by.