Ranking Investment Alternatives

  Accounting : Master : Essay : English (U.S.) : 1 pages/275 expression One origin apa format  Due in 15 hours Required Resources Text Schneider, A. (2017). Managerial Accounting: Decision making for the advantage and manufacturing sectors (2nd ed.) [Electronic account]. Retrieved from https://content.ashford.edu/ Chapter 9:  Managerial Decisions: Analysis of Relevant Information Chapter 10:  Important Bombardment Decisions  Ranking Bombardment Alternatives (Problem 10-41) Grosvenor Industries has designated $1.2 darling for important bombardment expenditures during the upcoming year.  Its consume of important is 14 percent.  Any unused funds gain acquire the consume of important objurgate.  The subjoined bombardment opportunities concurrently after a while their required bombardment and estimated net exhibit values keep been identified: ProjectNet InvestmentNPVProjectNet InvestmentNPVA$200,000$22,000F$250,000.00$30,000.00B$275,000$21,000G$100,000.00$7,000.00C$150,000$6,000H$200,000.00$18,000.00D$190,000-$19,000I$210,000.00$4,000.00E$500,000$40,000J$250,000.00$35,000.00 In your confutation, accomplished the subjoined: Rank the projects using the profitability index. Regarding the word on funds advantageous, which projects should be true? Using the NPV, which projects should be true, regarding the word on funds advantageous? If the advantageous bombardment funds are depressed to barely $1,000,000: Does the schedule of true projects transmute from Part 2? What is the occasion consume of the eliminated $200,000?