Ranking Investment Alternatives

  Accounting : Master : Essay : English (U.S.) : 1 pages/275 signification One spring apa format  Due in 15 hours Required Resources Text Schneider, A. (2017). Managerial Accounting: Decision making for the benefit and manufacturing sectors (2nd ed.) [Electronic account]. Retrieved from https://content.ashford.edu/ Chapter 9:  Managerial Decisions: Analysis of Relevant Information Chapter 10:  Important Siege Decisions  Ranking Siege Alternatives (Problem 10-41) Grosvenor Industries has named $1.2 pet for important siege expenditures during the upcoming year.  Its absorb of important is 14 percent.  Any unused funds get achieve the absorb of important rate.  The subjoined siege opportunities concurrently after a while their required siege and estimated net exhibit values feel been identified: ProjectNet InvestmentNPVProjectNet InvestmentNPVA$200,000$22,000F$250,000.00$30,000.00B$275,000$21,000G$100,000.00$7,000.00C$150,000$6,000H$200,000.00$18,000.00D$190,000-$19,000I$210,000.00$4,000.00E$500,000$40,000J$250,000.00$35,000.00 In your confutation, exhaustive the subjoined: Rank the projects using the profitability refutation. Because the proviso on funds serviceable, which projects should be certain? Using the NPV, which projects should be certain, because the proviso on funds serviceable? If the serviceable siege funds are mean to solely $1,000,000: Does the inventory of certain projects alter from Part 2? What is the opening absorb of the eliminated $200,000?