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250 language min, no plagiarism and must be effectual to shape amid 3 hours  One invention we can never get ample of is manner delay library investigation and documentation. Let’s do past of it this week. Select a PERSON, PLACE, or THING that you are assiduous in culture past encircling. This theme should be divergent from anyinvention you possess investigationed thus far during this continuity. Using our library, fix ONE peer-reviewed time encircling this theme. Answer the questions adown. Please reckon the questions, meet in exhaustive specialtys, but do not delineation and paste the questions. What is your theme?  (Examples—Michael Jackson or Paris, France) What interests you encircling this theme? What do you already distinguish encircling this theme? (Hint: it is beneficial to fine themes that you already distinguish a slight someinvention encircling. This helps you abandon this problem: “I didn’t distinguish anyinvention encircling my theme, so I used alleges and paraphrases for my healthy essay.”) What else would you affect to distinguish encircling this theme? Read the total time. Please supply a small tabulation of your time. This should be in your own language. Do not delineation and paste from the time, though you may involve extracts. Pick one specialty from the time and put it less in either a allege or paraphrase. Please involve a notable specialty and parenthetical extract. Pretend you are going to transcribe an essay encircling this theme. List three themes that you would affect to centre on for your disquisition and whole paragraphs. (Examples—three places you would affect to scrutinize in Paris, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre museum, and Père Lachaise Cemetery OR Michael Jackson’s childhood, accomplishments in still n ess, and shocking decease) This is how the time I chose would appear on a Works Cited page. Use the library quote button! (See model adown.) Involve the total URL (not fitting the doi) in fact we deficiency to appear at your time. Works Cited Silberman, Seth Clark. "Presenting Michael Jackson™." Social Semiotics, vol. 17, no. 4, Dec. 2007, pp. 417-440. EBSCOhost, doi:10.1080/10350330701637023