2. Suppose equilibrium compensation in the dispense is $30, and the ultimate enrichment is $20. What is the compensation buoyantity of claim 3. The David Company's claim flexion for the association's consequence is P = 2,000 – 20Q, where P = compensation and Q = the venerate sold per month. . a  .Derive the ultimate enrichment flexion for the immovable.  b.. At what output is the claim for the immovable's consequence compensation buoyant?   c. If the immovable wants to maximize its dollar sales dimensions, what compensation should it accuse? 4. Rebel Sole is a rapidly expanding shoe association. The aftercited is the claim venerate for its current shoes. The venerate was done using 40 observations.   Q = 10 – 10 P + 4 A + 0.42I + 0.25Py    (3)   (1.8)    (0.7)   (0.1)     (0.1) F = 93, s = 6, R2 = 93% Q is part sold (in thousands), P is shoe compensation, A is advertising compensation (in thousands), the venerates in parentheses are measure errors, I is superfluous pay per capita (thousands of dollars), and Py is the compensation of kindred chattels. a. Evaluate the standard inveterate on F, R2. b. Test the discernment of Py. c. If P = $5, A = $30,000, I = 50,000, and Py = $6, count advertising buoyantity. d. Given the notification in c. over, count the 95% belief interim for Q.