Hello everyone. Please appeal to the decided Form 990 as polite as the questions adown for this assignment. Provide your responses in a signal muniment. Thank you! Please reply to the aftercited questions in your signal muniment: 1. What was the aggregate proceeds for Holy Indicate Medical Center (HNMC) in 2017? 2.  What are the net proceeds (aka proceeds hither expenses) for HNMC in 2017? 3.  Who is the conductor of the consultation of HNMC? 4.  How manifold consultation members reach up the Consultation of Trustees at HNMC? 5.  Provide a catalogue of the indicates and annual salaries and bonuses (aka added pay), if useful for the men-folks in the aftercited roles at HNMC:  CEO, CFO, EVP & CMO, General Counsel, VP of Administration, VP of Patient Engagement & CXO (Chief Experience Officer) 6.  What is the exoteric, end-of-year estimate on benefaction funds? 7.  What was the aggregate whole of order construction activities for the year? 8.  What was the aggregate whole of Bad Debt for the year? 9.  What was the aggregate whole of Bad Debt for patients finished lower HNMC's financial coadjutorship device? 10.  How manifold Joint Ventures did HNMC keep and who were they with/what was the indicate of the Joint Venture behalf? Link is decided.