1 postsRe: Topic 1 DQ 2 The geopolitical area contains class boundaries, environhyperphysical elements, set conduct, sky, general ecstasy, wildlife, facilities and homes. The class may be enfolded by mountains or waste. Natural disasters and injuries may arise and veer after a while geographic areas. A geographic notice rule can be available for heartinesscare specialists when confirming geographic or population boundaries. According to Green (2018), Geographic Notice Rule (GIS) “helps to particularize where there are disparities, heartiness behaviors, or heartiness deficits in an environment kindred to the geography of the area.” A phenomenological attribute is a hyperphysical attribute rather than a geographical attribute. This attribute concentrates on fact, culture, economics, advice, incorporeal beliefs, values and sordid characteristics (GCU, 2018). These ideas plant a perspective in which the participants of the class handle as though they fit in. The class elements are the bases when confirming the class tribute. According to Green (2018), “Public heartiness nursing focuses on groups, populations, or the heartiness of an full geographical sector.” Therefore, sound general heartiness utilizes the instruction to accelerate agencys to augment customary heartiness disparities. General heartiness demands are always changing and are what frame the progression of programs to augment general heartiness. The class tribute involves studying the refuge and enjoyment of a class to conceive the connections unarranged the herd, environment, and resources. The protect uses multiform methods of tribute of the environment and population antecedently starting programs. The protect prepares nursing diagnoses for the class educed on the results and challenges unwavering from the class tribute. General heartiness nursing is motivated by the demands of the population for the stoppage of illness and the outgrowth of the communities’ heartiness. The class heartiness protect must enact a succession of actions to confirm mental and external facts and evaluate the notice. After construction the notice, the protect must avow the demands and educe a plan, an agency and evaluate the facts attentive.