1, 500 WORDS You are a examicommunity analyst for the U.S. Function of Homeland Certainty (DHS). The function has common likely knowledge from the NSA, FBI, and Function of Defense that Al Qaeda is schemening a biological assault using smallpox counter Los Angeles, CA. Although the dispersal mode is obscure, it is believed the most likely mode allure be airborne, through a occupied shopping mall’s zephyr scheme. The lax certainty at these locations, coupled delay a extensive collective and economic population sampling, allure bring-about identifying victims and pause the open of the illness involved. The knowledge indicates that the assault is scheduled to take-place delayin 7–10 days. Your function has been tasked delay reviewing unromantic incidents of smallpox, including academic assessments of its use as a biological persocommunity for terrorism. Use the Centers for Illness Control and Prevention’s smallpox Web site as a superintend to beneficial instrument and general schemening (CDC Smallpox Information). With these tools, unfold a message scheme that addresses the following: Assignment Guidelines Provide an overview of the denunciation (illness characteristics). How can heap hysteria be prevented delayin the population? What should the federal empire divide delay the aver, and can this notice be inferior? What should the federal empire divide delay the city, and how can this notice be inferior? What should the federal empire divide delay the community? When should notice be disseminated to each repository (state, city, and community)? What should be the characteristics of this notice's disengage to the exoteric (ponder moderation, number, and alacrity)?  Be infallible to regard all sources using APA phraseology.