Project Activities And Sequencing Scenario

 Resource: Scenarios Choose a scenario from one of the 3 scenarios granted and refer a Nursing Dissertation of 650 tone (anew fair a silence....intro/conlusion paragraphs and any tables/charts/etc do not sum in the order sum). Include the subjoined items in your Nursing Dissertation: Identify the mark of the contrivance.  Note: do not fair quote precisely what the scenario states is going on/needed....use your own tone to decide me what the contrivance gain cloak. Discuss the demands of at lowest three stakeholders confused in the contrivance.  In doing this you bear to lucidly fulfill those stakeholders as polite. Create a WBS diagram/chart for the contrivance.  The WBS referted should appear enjoy a hierarchy chart (i.e. appears enjoy an construction chart delay boxes, lines, etc....this can be built in Powerpoint or other tools) and the diagram/chart should be interposed delayin the Nursing Dissertation. (not as an affection) demand to get at lowest 4 planes (i.e. X.X.X.X) of element on the WBS diagram.  Remember in the WBS you are violation down the performance items (in further element/degrees at each plane) demanded to entire the contrivance. List/discuss certain tools and techniques for the contrivance.  For crop are you using MS Contrivance to contrive the attempt or is a technique going to be using the Waterfall crop arrival. List/discuss the milestones for the contrivance.  Note:  gain indisputable you perceive what a milestone is...not perfect activity/task is a contrivance milestone. Sequence the activities/tasks in a diagram. Include the diagram delayin the Nursing Dissertation (not as an affection).  Silence that this is a seperate diagram from the WBS; the WBS does not pretext consequence.  The conconsuccession diagram can be produced in MS Project, MS Powerpoint, or other tools that gain avow you to conconsuccession the activities.