Project 2: Position Paper

  Project 2:  Position Paper  Purpose:  You succeed attaining and exam a real-world religions manifestation.  Once totally attaininged, you succeed transcribe a posture subject touching the religions manifestation.  In congruity the posture stipulation, the cherished of say is momentous owing it is indispenstelling to influence the reception that the posture you transfer is the best posture.  NOTE: All submitted achievement is to be your peculiar achievement. You may not use any achievement from another learner, the Internet or an online clearinghouse.  You are expected to imply the Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism Policy, and recognize that it is your once to attain encircling educationist and open academic expectations after a opportunity notice to just extract of rises as specified in the APA Publication Manual, 6th Ed. (Students are held dependent for in-text extracts and an associated relation roll singly).  Serious sanctions can manifestation from violations of any archearchetype of the Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism including a cipher on a purpose, a cipher for the paragraph or discardment from the University.  Step 1:  Getting Started A posture stipulation supplys a object of judgment and can be judgmented as vestibule a margin in a dispute.  What you nonproduction to hold in spirit as you attaining and transcribe the stipulation is that the judgmentobject is yours but it is indispenstelling to living your ideas, forced and conclusions.  Before starting, peruse the subject in Step 4 and lay out a artfulness for attaininging the subject.  You succeed music that you entertain been attached a few catechism to get you launched but the attaining you succeed do goes prefer these catechism and must centre on identifying the religions manifestation and vestibule a model fixed on the religions structure of the assertion.  To offer a beautiful and convincing subject, you succeed attaining and offer the counterclaims to the posture you transfer and repel the other postures.  Step 2:  Research Read the stipulation beneath to form a apprehension of the manifestation at peril.  Totally attaining the manifestation prefer so that you are divulgeing to transfer a posture. Do Multinational Corporations Entertain an Religions Contract to Assist Those in Need? Step 3:  Introduction Create the preparatory paragraph.  Among this paragraph, supply a pigmy overjudgment of the scenario.  Then, supply a question assertion and divulge the peruseer the deep subjects mellow in the stipulation.  The offeration comes at the preparation of the stipulation and divulges a peruseer the deep subjects mellow in the paper.  Judgment this website to attain how to transcribe an preparatory paragraph: Step 4:  Transcribe the Posture Paper You succeed transcribe a posture stipulation in vindication to the adduce beneath:   Quote: “Multinational companies entertain an contract to assist the citizens in nasty countries in which they do duty.” To transcribe a posture stipulation, you succeed primitive constitute and contour the counterclaims and your judgmentpoints on the manifestation.  Be indisputable to fashion the dispute to specify the key objects mellow in the stipulation.  Establish credibility by livinging the forced and conclusions using the paragraph peruseings and your attaining. Step 5:  Congruity Steps Use the subject supplyd in Step 4 Gather rises using the library, the classroom and the Internet (read catechism).  Make indisputable that you entertain notification that livings over than one judgmentpoint.  Read the rise instruments and career on a demand assertion.  The demand assertion is the question of your stipulation.  Use the gathered rises to fit the question. Consider preparing an contour fixed on the steps supplyd in Step 2. Identifying the religions manifestation. Present the counterclaims, and your posture on the counterclaims including illustration to repel the counterarguments. Then, transcribe your stipulation by offering your posture.  Argue your posture by making three expend reasons after a opportunity at lowest two livinging details for each reason; Lastly, terminate the stipulation by restating/summarizing the subject.  Refer to the initiation assertions and deep objects made throughout the stipulation.  Reflect on the avail of the subjects and terminate their crop. Step 6: Rejudgment the Paper  Read the stipulation to enindisputable all required elements are offer.  Use the grading rubric to enindisputable that you form the most objects likely for this assignment.  Proofperuse the stipulation for attractioning and verbal manifestations, and third individual congruity.  Read the stipulation vociferously as a primitive measure; Use the attraction and language hinder in Word as a assist measure; Have someone who has meritorious English skills proofperuse the stipulation; Consider submitting the stipulation to the Effective Congruity Center (EWC).  The EWC succeed supply 4-6 areas that may deficiency increase. Step 7:  Submit the Stipulation in the Assignment Folder (The assignment submitted to the Assignment Folder succeed be considered a learner’s definite result and consequently perusey for grading by the educationist.  It is devolvent upon the learner to substantiate the assignment is the reform patience.  No oppositions succeed be considered by the educationist). Completing the Paper  Read the grading rubric for the purpose.  Use the grading rubric opportunity completing the purpose to enindisputable all requirements are met that succeed administer to the foremost likely remove.   Third individual congruity is required.  Third individual media that there are no say such as “I, me, my, we, or us” (primitive individual congruity), nor is there use of “you or your” (assist individual congruity).  If indistinct how to transcribe in the third individual, judgment this link:   Contractions are not used in duty congruity, so do not use them.   Paraphrase and do not use straightforward extract marks.  Paraphrase media you do not use over than filthy orderly say from a rise instrument, but put a paragraph from a rise instrument into your own say and attainment the paragraph to the rise instrument.  Not using straightforward extract marks media that there should be no paragraphs after a opportunity extract marks and instead the rise embodied is paraphrased as customary overhead.  Supply the page orparagraph calculate when using in-text extracts.  Music that a relation after a opportunityin a relation roll cannot continue after a opportunityout an associated in-text extract and crime versa.   You may not use books as rise embodied.  How to Set Up the Paper Create a Word or Rich Text Format (RTF) instrument that is double-spaced, 12-object font.  The definite result succeed be betwixt 4-6 pages in prolixity beside the epithet page and relation page.  It is momentous to transcribe plainly and concisely. Create a epithet page after a opportunity the epithet, your spectry, the paragraph, the educationist’s spectry and date Introduction Introduce the subject Provide contrast on the subject to clear-up why it is momentous Assert the question (your judgment of the manifestation).  The question indicates the subject and your admission as well-mannered-mannered as to offence the concern of the peruseer. Counter Argument Summarize the counterclaims Provide living for counterclaims Refute the counterclaims Give illustration for the subject Argument Assert object #1 of your demands Provide your thoughts and ideas livinged using a minimum of two sources Assert object #2 of your demands Provide your thoughts and ideas livinged using a minimum of two sources Assert object #3 of your demands Provide your thoughts and ideas livinged using a minimum of two rises Conclusion Restate/Summarize subject Bring stipulation bountiful dissipation meditation on the avail of the subjects and terminate their crop. Source: Congruity a Posture Stipulation (n.d.).  Retrieved from Attachments