PURPOSE  To evaluate merger & compensation activities and the merger movables on acquiring and target steadfasts upon completion of the merger use.   REQUIREMENT  You are required to pursuit at last five (5) register repursuit creed allied to oppidan merger and compensation. Based on these repursuit creed, you are required to:   1. Discuss which temper you obviate allure test temper appall that allure instigate merger temper in the adjacent forthcoming. Do you respect that increasing global two-of-a-trade allure raise enhance merger temper? (25)   2. Elaborate on the appreciation of the decree of reimbursement for the accumulationholders of the target steadfast and their continued attention in the forthcoming steadfast. Specifically, which decree of reimbursement retains the accumulationholders of the target steadfast as accumulationholders in the forthcoming steadfast? Which reimbursement make receives preferential tax treatment?  (25)   3. Empirically, what are the affluence movabless of oppidan curb activities? Who wins and who loses in oppidan curb altercation? Why there are better takeover premiums paid in money transactions than in accumulation transactions? How do other ease holders fare in takeovers? Discuss.  (25)    4. Explain, consecrated the experimental results presented in the creed, how you would structure a takeover as a CEO of an acquiring steadfast. Would your perspective shift as a accumulationholder or as a bondholder?  (25) (TOTAL: 100 MARKS)   Assignment Format: a. Use embrace illimitableness and 12-point of Times New Roman font. b. The assignment should comprise encircling 3000 – 5000 articulation (15 – 20 pages) in sum. c. Provide allusion using the American Psychological Association (APA) makeat, if any. d. Journal creed should be ending (year 2012 forwards). e. You are required to win all five (5) creed when you acquiesce the hardcopy of your assignment.