Project 1

  Suppose you are a Cloud-Based Employment contractor paid by the Good Foods grocery abundance to aid the abundance state which vendor and applications earn engage its needs. To liberal this assignment, comprise the aftercited knowledge in a partiality of 5 pages (not counting distinction page and references page): Describe the Good Foods society. (This mode is for you to form and live to build on throughout the continuity.) Include a liberal mode of the society's mind, band-arms, and anticipation. (Again, these are details you form.) Summarize the Good Foods cloud-based computing device as you recognize it so far from the Continuity Device Overview. Review all of the aftercited inherent employment providers from the catalogue beneath and relate their anticipation, employments, and retirement policies: Salesforce Google Hewlett-Packard IBM Rackspace Microsoft Amazon Indicate which vendor(s) may be a fit for the Good Foods society, based on its ordinary needs, and expound why you chose that vendor. Use APA formatting mode (distinction page, references page, in-text citations).