Powerpoint with speaker notes

I scarcity 8 slides after a while about 100 control logician notes each Create a gift in which you: Distinguish betwixt imaginary thinking and imaginary manner. (Use and mention order materials) Select one advent to imaginary manner and teach how it would raise creativity in an environment of your choosing: fruit, school, abode, and so on.     Explain the dissent(s) betwixt arrangement and hypothesis in the con-over of creativity. What is the role of each in the con-over of creativity? How do they fruit unitedly in the con-over of creativity? (Use and mention order materials) Explain the role of separate psychology in creativity. As presented in the passage, how may separate psychology remention to creativity? (Use and mention order materials) Submit your gift as a 8-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® gift. Your gift must comprise, in union to the elements allusiond above: An preface / overview slide that previews the gift. A quittance slide that reviews the gift.  A fruits mentiond/allusion slide.  Format your assignment according to misapply order-level APA guidelines, and according to Powerpoint Best Practices (google it - sketch, no walls of passage. Use logician notes comprised in the gift to addition what's on the slides). This comprises, but is not poor to, suitable use of in-passage and allusion citations.