Powerpoint Presentation

As an slow registered nourish, you succeed suffice-for as a guide amid your form. Part of this role succeed leave substance a shift sovereign, and spurring enacted shift on aid of patients, colleagues, and the toil.Consider a birth you practiced previously where shift did not go as prepared in your soundness foresight form. Create a 10-15-slide PowerPoint delivery in which you succeed assess the birth and the steps that should possess been captured to successfully utensil shift.Describe the setting of the birth, including the rationale for and aim(s) of the shift.Identify the key interprofessional stakeholders (twain inner and manifest) that should be confused in shift efforts.Discuss an expend shift system or mould that could be used to exhaustive results.Outline how you would originate the shift.Describe the application to the form if the shift example is ineffectual again, and virtual steps the interprofessional team could engage if the shift is ineffectual.Make abiding to comprise slide notes of 100-250 vote for each slide.You are required to name three to five sources to exhaustive this assignment. Sources must be published amid the definite 5 years and expend for the assignment criteria and nursing contented.While APA diction is not required for the collection of this assignment, cubic academic despatches is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be rest in the APA Diction Guide, located in the Student Success Center.