Powerpoint-Nursing Prof

You are afloat on a industrious clinical individual, and you and your peers possess authorized a new informatics method that may mend resigned outcomes on the individual. At the end of the industrious day, you and your peers mode your nursing wariness overseer to illustrate your effects. The nursing wariness overseer is scared environing your effects and suggests you primeval resurvey the literary-works for manifestation to food your effect. Use PowerPoint to generate a exhibition that you can portion-out delay your nursing wariness overseer and other decision-makers delayin the individual.  Within the exhibition, you should enclose the following: Identify the stamp of informatics method you envision substance used on your individual to mend resigned outcomes and nursing processes. Complete a small five condition literary-works resurvey on your suggested method. Develop a small immaterial on your suggested method utilizing your manifestationd-based examination. Estimate the consume of the method and implementation needs for the method. Conclude delay a entire description of your expectations for the mendment to resigned outcomes and nursing processes that you foretell occurring as a outcome of implementation of your suggested method.