Political Science Quiz

   (TCO 3) Which assumption says that the necessities compromised in managing an structure inevitably befit tight in the hands of a few bureaucrats, who then brandish penny sway in the structure? Political apathy Low-information  rationality Elitist assumption of democracy Iron law of oligarchy Political efficacy Question 25 pts (TCO 4) Which of the subjoined keep American courts allowed inferior the First Amendment? Speech that constitutes a straightforward special provocation Clergy to prproffer nondenominational prayers at unconcealedly-known violent initiate graduations Polygamy, as hanker as it is multiply of unwritten divine practice Schools to insist-upon posterity who are Jehovah’s Witnesses to hall the decline Schools to privileged Amish posterity from unconcealedly-known direction insist-uponments Flag this Question Question 35 pts (TCO 3) Which age cluster has been the most supportive of the Democratic Cause in the 2004, 2006, and 2008 unconcealed elections? Young adults antiquated 18–29 Middle­antiquated adults, 30–39 Older adults antiquated 40–49 Seniors in their hopeful years, antiquated 50–64 Retired seniors, antiquated 65 and older Flag this Question Question 45 pts (TCO 3) What expression is used to relate a topic on the doom asking citizens to surrender the narrate consent to annulment an massive law? Recall Primary Legislative referendum Run-off Republic Flag this Question Question 55 pts (TCO 4) What do conservatives prove environing the intermediate regularityatize in America? That it is disappearing That it dross catholic and induced to the U.S. economy That synod needs to enforce new congress to shield and succor the intermediate regularityatize That the tax load falls disproportionately on the intermediate regularityatize That the intermediate regularityatize's portion-out of the nation's success has procumbent since the 1970s Flag this Question Question 65 pts (TCO 3) According to the commission assumption of justice, officials should act according to the intentions of the electorate. focus clusters are of dirty use. politicians should let their intuition pilot them in making firmnesss. solely the most intelligent members of participation should help in set-on-foot roles. opinion is solely a barometer, to be used as the legislator sees fit.   Flag this Question Question 75 pts (TCO 4) When can synod munificentbooter divine practices? If the theology is not favorite beforehand If the theology is too small If the theology moves overseas If the theology poses a intimidation to participation If the theology obscures or misinterprets the opinion of God   Flag this Question Question 85 pts (TCO 3) What expression is used to relate the regularity of voting where the seats of the synod are assigned to multiplyies domiciled on the percentage of the common utterance that each multiplyy receives? Plurality Proportional Mechanized Subjective Repetitional   Flag this Question Question 95 pts (TCO 4) The Supreme Court would mitigated intention all of these actions as violating the fundamental exact to munificent address EXCEPT organizing a flight surprise abutting our synod. burning a replica of the American decline. asking for a inventory of names of all organizers and multiplyicipants of an anti-synod ridicule and then investigating them. wiretaps of people outside their scholarship and outside a engage. Ku Klux Klan ridicule intentional to set-on-foot a revel abutting the minorities. Flag this Question Question 105 pts (TCO 3) What made the Supreme Court's firmness in the Citizens United instance so controversial? It poor the bigness of donations made by corporations. It insist-upond that all antagonism donors' names be unconcealedly-known. It said corporations keep the corresponding First Amendment exacts as people. It insist-upond that citizens confer-upon a efficient shape of identification when voting. It set inequitable limitations on the bigness of PACs.