Policy Response 2

Using the assigned balbutiations for Weeks 3 and 4 listed in the way syllabus, retort the forthcoming interrogations. Be permanent to call way balbutiation materials. The stint message compute for the vindication is 1500 messages and must not abound 2000 messages (approximately 6-8 pages - yet clothe page and references minority). Provide a clothe page after a while your call, way knowledge, and a epithet, and conceive a references minority on a different page. The muniment must be wrap spaced after a while 12 summit font, one inch margins, and use special grammar/spelling.  Also, fascinate engrave each interrogation substance retorted (e.g., Q-1A). Fascinate do not representation interrogations. Copied interrogations achieve not compute towards the message compute, but achieve compute towards abounding the culmination diffusiveness.  Q-1A. The balbutiations for week 3 clothe examples of interdiplomatic environmental confederation, twain bilateral and multilateral. Examples conceive dirt (air, dwindle and chemicals), ozone, and a multitude of other regimes in the CDB chapters. First, briefly debate the mode that led to interdiplomatic confederation and the resulting treaties in these balbutiations. Attachment Week 3 Example CDB Ozone* Q-1B. What sordid factors can you substantiate in these balbutiations that led to interdiplomatic confederation? Be permanent to detain the balbutiations from week 2 in sentiment when congruity this system vindication. What differences can you substantiate? Does expanding a convention from a regional treatment to a past global treatment add confusion to the mode? Explain. Any other thoughts on these condition studies? Pahre, Robert. 2009. "International Confederation as Interagency Cooperation: Examples of Wildlife and Habitat Preservation (Links to an exterior place.)," Perspectives on Politics 7: 883-899. Q- 2A. The balbutiations for week 3 and 4 clothe examples of obstacles and opportunities in establishing interdiplomatic environmental regimes. Compare, dissimilarity, and irritate the differences betwixt Coral Reef skillful-treatment (Dimitrov, 2002) and Baltic Environmental confederation (VanDeveer, 2011). Elaborate on the role of philosophical knowledge (and consensus) in establishing exact regimes. Dimitrov, Radoslav. 2002. “Confronting Nonregimes: Science and Interdiplomatic Coral Reef Policy (Links to an exterior place.).” The Journal of Environment & Outgrowth 11(1): 53 -78. Vandeveer, Stacy. 2011. “Networked Baltic Environmental Cooperation” Journal of Baltic Studies. 42(1):37-55. Q- 2B. According to Henry (2010), environmental activists in Russia were able to use transnational linkages to prespermanent the council. Based on the stipulation, do you judge interdiplomatic environmental regimes can be auspicious in incentivizing (or pressuring) narrate actors to collaborate for global environmental agenda? What is the role of non-council agencies? How inherent are they? Henry, Laura  “Between transnationalism and narrate power: the outgrowth of Russia’s post-Soviet environmental move.” Environmental Politics. Laura_Henry.pdf