Policy/Regulation Fact Sheet

 As a administrative entertain, you are expected to employ your expertise to enduring prevention. On make, you get too be expected to portion-out that expertise. With evolving technology and true changes to masterys purposed to tend up these changes, there is usually a demand to portion-out knowledge and expertise to impart colleagues, start, endurings, and other stakeholders. In this Assignment, you get con-over a modern nursing impartatics-akin soundnessprevention plan, and you get portion-out the applicable details via a reality shuffle purposed to impart and instruct. To Prepare: Review the Resources on soundnessprevention plan and regulatory/legislative topics akin to soundness and nursing impartatics. Consider the role of the entertain impartaticist in ratio to a soundnessprevention structure’s consent delay sundry policies and masterys, such as the Mediprevention Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA). Research and choice one soundness or nursing impartatics plan (among the gone-by 5 years) or mastery for prefer con-over. The Assignment: (1 page) Create a 1-page reality shuffle that your soundnessprevention structure could theoretically use to elucidate the soundness or nursing impartatics plan/mastery you choiceed. Your reality shuffle should address the following: Briefly and generally elucidate the plan or mastery you choiceed. Address the collision of the plan or mastery you choiceed on rule implementation. Address the collision of the plan or mastery you choiceed on clinical prevention, enduring/provider interactions, and workflow. Highlight structureal policies and procedures that are/get be in situate at your soundnessprevention structure to address the plan or mastery you choiceed. Be unfair.