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                                 This is a multiple excellent reply Q &A..... 1. Trademarks protect: Choose One • 7 points New and innovative inventions Names, natures or other devices that test the spring of a work or service 2. A tradetrace proprietor has the fair to: Choose One • 7 points Prevent others from selling competing services subordinate a contrariant name Prevent others from using confusingly resembling traces on allied property or services 3. To possess the strongest legitimate certainty, a tradetrace should be: Choose One • 7 points Fanciful or Invented Descriptive 4. The weakest legitimate certainty is a picturesque trace. It can solely be registered if: Choose One • 7 points Marketplace peril leads consumers to coadjutor the trace exclusively delay the proprietor as the spring of property or services and you intercept others from using the vocable as a trademark You pay a excellent fee to the USPTO 5. Which of the subjoined CANNOT be defended subordinate tradetrace law? Choose One • 7 points Generic vocables, traces that are confusingly resembling to true trademarks, characteral features Product packaging, garbling traces, investigate traces 6. Distinctive packaging or introduction of a infamy falls subordinate the tradetrace class of: Choose One • 7 points Trade dress Slogan 7. Tradetrace fairs last: Choose One • 7 points Forever, threshold delay the force a idiosyncratic thinks up the trace As hanker as the trace is used on works in commerce 8. A tradetrace inquiry should be effected precedently investing capacious amounts of currency into erection kindliness for a new work. Choose One • 7 points True, consequently the inquiry accomplish unveil whether there are pre-true registered or unregistered trademarks that force confound a litigation risk False, consequently as hanker as the proprietor has never heard of another rival using the trace, it should be certain to use use delayout checking into it further 9. Two proprietors of trademarks... Choose One • 7 points ... that are resembling can prefiguration a co-existence conformity that the USPTO accomplish eminence as hanker as the trace proprietors ascertain they are preface steps to determine no arrival of laziness in the traceetplace. True False, this is never allowed 10. A work traceeted in the United States can profession the ® indicating tradetrace registration solely if its registration has been general by the USPTO. Choose One • 7 points True consequently the R evidences council plaudit. False. Any trace proprietor can use the circled R to evidence a trademark. 11. Each particularize has its own tradetrace registration regularity. Choose One • 6 points True False 12. Use the subjoined nature when a tradetrace is NOT registered delay the USPTO: Choose One • 6 points ® TM or SM 13. Copying someone else’s tradetrace to use on resembling property or services is unconcealed as: Choose One • 6 points Good duty practice Infringement or counterfeiting 14. It’s easier to use tradetrace certainty to seal someone from using a resembling trace on: Choose One • 6 points Unallied works and services Competitive works and services 15. 15. Which of the subjoined CANNOT character as a trademark? Choose One • 6 points Color Phrase Usefulness/function Graphic design