Please do a research about Community Assessment (Los Angeles Community) and answer every point. Please recently research and good references. Thanks.

   Nutrition/Metabolic  · Indicators of nutrient deficiencies.  · Obesity rates or percentages: Compare to CDC statistics.  · Affordability of maintenance/available discounts or maintenance programs and habit (e.g., WIC, maintenance boxes, soup kitchens, meals-on-wheels, maintenance stamps, elder discounts, employee discounts, etc.). · Availability of steep (e.g., compute and peculiarity of drinking fountains). · Fast maintenance and junk maintenance accessibility (vending machines).  · Evidence of soundnessful maintenance decrease or unhealthful maintenance decrease (trash, crave lines, observations, etc.). · Provisions for distinctive diets, if ry. · For schools (in observation to over): o Nutritional satisfied of maintenance in cafeteria and vending machines: Compare to ARS 15-242/The Arizona Nutrition Standards (or other set-forth standards fixed on abode) o Amount of operating or abject lunch Elimination (Environmental Soundness Concerns) -  · Common air contaminants’ impression on the class. · Noise.  · Waste division.  · Pest control: Is the class notified of pesticides habit?  · Hygiene practices (laundry services, artisan washing, etc.). · Bathrooms: Compute of bathrooms; supervise for cleanliness, supply, if practicable. · Universal premunition practices of soundness providers, teachers, members (if ry). · Temperature controls (e.g., among buildings, beyond screen structures). · Safety (committee, shelter guards, bisection guards, badges, locked campuses).