please answer the following questions

1)  "Organizational Culture"  Please reply to the following: Determine what you honor to be the most considerable exterior environment element shaping formal amelioration for superintendents and affair leaders in the 21st era. Provide aid for your rationale. Suggest the most expressive contact that globalization has had on form amelioration in today’s fruit environment. Indicate whether the contact has been explicit or disclaiming from a treatment perspective. Provide aid for your rationale. 2)   "Ethics and Entrepreneurship"  Please reply to the following: Assume that you are a superintendent amid a municipal environment, and you are presented delay an incorporeal doubt. Suggest viable adventes to resolving the doubt. Rate your self-approval smooth delay communication delay incorporeal issues. Provide one (1) development that aids your advent. Suggest the most expressive brave that entrepreneurs may attack when growing a affair. Recommend one (1) policy that entrepreneurs could use either to direct or minimize the suggested brave. Provide aid for your instruction. 3)   "Goal-Setting and Company Strategy"  Please reply to the following: Imagine that you are a superintendent in an form, and your employees are not achieving methodic goals. Suggest key strategies that you would use in direct to particularize and then touch the goals for your office to your employees. From the e-Activity, particularize the expressive elements that made the implementation of the company’s policy so powerful. Provide aid for your rationale.