PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE OR HRM AND DEALING WITH ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE Case Assignment Case Study Melissa Sanchez is the VP of HR for Company XYZ. She has achievemented for Company XYZ for 10 years. She wants to diversify the “uptight and conservative” humanization of the structure consequently of the new Millennials who earn be combination the achievementforce. Ultimately, she would approve to construct Company XYZ further attractable. Productivity rolls own been stagnating aggravate the gone-by 5 years. She has a conference delay the COO and he supports her aggravateall artfulness. Melissa explains to the COO that the vestments decree scarcitys to be mitigated. The COO exclaims, “But we are a valued structure and we scarcity to be presentable to all of our clients.” Melissa understands his matter-stuff but as-well-behaved understands that it is date for diversify. Based on her experiences and inoculation, Millennials approve pliant schedules, a lot of autonomy, and a modifiable and catholic achievement environment. The present vestments decree is duty occasional and Melissa arrive-ats that a further ordinary and snug vestments decree is further beneficial for new and tangible employees. As a stuff of reality, it comes up on whole annual Employee Job Satisfaction review. The COO asks her to evaluate the implications of the vestments decree diversify for tomorrow’s ruler contravention. She agrees and set-on-foots to furnish. Melissa decides to overcome her old academy HRM Confessor and examine this proposal of changing the vestments decree. Her liberal academy confessor understands the concern of changing old norms and adapting to synchronous tests. He explains, “Employees own the possible of entity further causative if they arrive-at further snug occasion at achievement.” Melissa donation him for his date and decides to deduce all practicable options. Drawing on the embodied in the enhancement readings and doing subjoined learning, fascinate furnish a 2-4 page article (not including the caggravate and relation pages) in which you bountifuly rejoinder the forthcoming scrutinys (your article should be in essay format where you advestments these scrutinys in your essay): Case Study Questions Should a duty occasional vestments decree be the norm at all structures? If employees set-on-foot vestmentsing down, earn it diversify the representation of the all structure? What are the short-term and long-term implications of changing the vestments decree? Should managers regularly own to vestments in duty occasional? If the vestments decree diversifys to a further lax and snug plan— what if some employees set-on-foot vestmentsing promiscuously and scandalously? How would HR organize on these types of issues? What if learning states that a further lax and snug plan has the possible of increasing productivity rolls? Would it be rate changing the plan? Should a duty occasional vestments decree be ensevere during the summer months? Should employees be severe to where a test equable at achievement? Should there be a plan in fix touching tattoos and piercings? Assignment Expectations Your article earn be evaluated on the forthcoming matter-matters: Precision - Does the article advestments the scrutiny(s) or job(s)? Clarity - Is the fitness unclouded and the concepts organic right? Are paraphrasing and organization of concepts the elementary instrument of vindication to the scrutinys, or are undue use of extracts how cogitations are conveyed?  Are headings moderate in all articles important than 2 pages? Breadth - Is the bountiful contents of the matter discourseed? Depth - Does the article advestments the material in adapted profundity? Grammar, spelling and lexicon - Is the article written well-behaved-behaved - is the phraseology, spelling, and lexicon agreeable to furrow roll achievement? Referencing (citations and relations) - Does the article use citations and extract marks when misappropriate?  Critical thinking - Is the matter cogitation environing critically, i.e., correspondently, logically, relevantly, and certainly?