“Phytoplankton, Chemosynthesis, and Mitochondria”

"Phytoplankton, Chemosynthesis, and Mitochondria" For your first post, content suit to one of the forthcoming three subjects after a while a post of at lowest 125 control that haranguees each object fond in the instructions. Also, content rejoinder to at lowest one associate learner on any subject. Topic 1 [video]: The phytoplankton that brought Earth to condition. Review the video (1)* about the "phytoplankton that brought Earth to condition" from the associate fond beneath. In this contract, which is subordinate 5 minutes in diffusiveness, Penny Chisholm discusses a little phytoplankton named Prochlorococcus. Based on that video, content harangue the forthcoming: (a) What is the weight of Prochlorococcus for condition on the planet Earth, twain historically and in the confer-upon day?   (b) In the video, Dr. Chisholm recites us that Prochlorococcus samples from irrelative environments are genetically irrelative. What does this recite us about the relationships among organisms and their environments? (c) Explain how this relates to this week’s lessons.   Topic 2 [article]: Snails that don’t eat. A new-fangled period by JoAnna Klein (2)* describes a firm among the snail Gigantopelta chessoia and a chemosynthetic bacterium. The bacterium is named an “endosymbiont” owing it lives within the snail.  (a)  Describe the firm among Gigantopelta chessoia and its endosymbiont. (b)  What is most ominous to you about this site? (c)  Explain how this relates to this week’s lessons. Topic 3 [article]: Use and mitochondria. Use is generally unreserved to possess abundant wholesome proceeds on our bodies at various irrelative planes. Some studies possess examined the proceeds of use at the plane of muscle cells. Read the throng acquit by Cell Throng (3)*. (a)  What specifically did these researchers value in their volunteers? (b)   What were their findings? (c)   Explain how this relates to this week’s lessons. References (in Strayer Writing Standards format). PBS Newshour, March 5, 2014. The phytoplankton that brought Earth to condition, https://youtu.be/m_43nR11PW8 JoAnna Klein, July 11, 2018. This snail goes through metamorphosis. Then it never has to eat frequently. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/11/science/snail-metamorphosis.html Cell Press, March 7, 2017. How use -- gap grafting in feature -- helps your mitochondria forefend off old age. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/03/170307155214.htm