extbook: Chapter 14 Lesson 1, 2 Link (library boundary): The Doctors' Choice is America's Choice": The Physician in US Cigarette Advertisements, 1930-1953 (Links to an outer column.) Link (library boundary): The Opioid Epidemic: Who Is to Blame? (Links to an outer column.) Link (article): The Opioid Epidemic: It's Time to Place Blame Where It Belongs (Links to an outer column.) Minimum of 1 skilled beginning (in conjunction to the textbook and noted readings) Introduction The medical vocation has a muddled and inconsistent fellowship delay its access inside the tobacco activity. While the vocation now firmly opposes to smoking and vigorously publicizes the solemn, uniform lethal, sanity hazards associated delay smoking, this was not constantly so. Advertisements for tobacco products, including cigarettes "... became a speedy beginning of allowance for confused medical organizations and journals, including the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Fellowship (JAMA), as well-mannered-mannered as sundry branches and bulletins of national medical fellowships" (Wolinsky & Brune, 1994). Physicians and regard to doctors and smoking were unintermittently beggarly in tobacco activity advertisements. The narrative of physicians and furtherance of smoking can be establish in "The Doctors' Choice Is America's Choice" (Gardner & Brandt, 2006). The role of physicians in the ordinary opioid turning-point is now lower search on television (Farmer, 2019) by employment publications (King, 2018), peer-reviewed journals (deShazo, et al, 2018), and by physicians themselves (Hirsch, 2019). Initial Column Instructions For the moderate column, elaboration the hinarrative of the fellowship of doctors delay tobacco companies and tobacco advertising. Read about the fellowship of doctors delay the opioid turning-point. Then, harangue the following: In what way are the two situations approximate? In what way are they contrariant? Apply the concept of inferential equivalence. Is the pass of doctors in kinsman to smoking and the tobacco activity inferentially equiponderant to the pass of doctors in the opioid turning-point? Explain your pose and be very particular.