Essay 1: For this assignment, you accomplish transcribe an essay on the theme under of at meanest 4 pages, double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12 top font; your disquisition should be written in Standard English and executed in MLA format. To yield your disquisition, click on ‘Essay 1.’ You should attract a rasp that can be opened prospering a while Microsoft Word (doc or docx); do not yield a pdf or mold in the patience box. The theme under relates to those we keep encountered thus far in the Rachels passage. Your essay must embrace the subjoined (note: you accomplish keep six provisions in your essay): Title: • An ancient denomination (hint: ‘Essay 1’ is not an ancient denomination; nor is the denomination of the season you adopt to transcribe on) CENTERED at the top of the primeval page AFTER your MLA name. Parag. 1: • An portico prospering a while a subject sayment; the prefatory provision should be 4-6 passages which conduct-in your essay theme. The subject should be the developed passage in the portico. EXAMPLE THESES: Human condition does keep signification, but this signification is purely indivisible. Or: Human condition has no intention and it is beastly to opine incorrectly. Parag. 2: • A abridgment of the season; your abridgment provision should be written such that the discoverer of your essay has a unconcealed agreement of the season you are summarizing; furnish an overview of the ocean ideas (and topic if there is one). You must embrace parenthetical musics prospering each dilution or frequented repeat. Even if you say the ocean ideas ‘in your own language , the ideas appertain to the originator of the season, so considerable keep parenthetical musics and a works named entrance. Limit your abridgment to 6 to 10 passages. Example: The primeval entrance on this Works Cited page is from the NY Times : The parenthetical music for this fountain would be: (Dean) , accordingly there are no page quantity in the season. Parag. 3: • A examineion/interpretation of the rational investigation kindred to the season you chose and should food your subject - you must perspicuously examine the rational investigation this essay is exploring - i.e., the Signification of Life. This season frequentedly connects to themes of examineion in Condition 13 of our passage, but there are other conditions in the passage as polite prospering a while which you could create connections. You should name the passage at meanest THREE times, but no further than SIX times. A parenthetical music for the Rachels passage accomplish appear prospering EACH dilution or frequented repeat, and accomplish contemplate enjoy this: (Rachels 87) [‘87’ would be the page enumerate where the repeat or advice dilutiond was rest – if yours comes from a opposed page, use that page enumerate]. This provision should be 6 to 10 passages desire. Parag. 4: • A provision that incorporates after a whileout elimination (incorporated through extract, dilution, or twain) from 1 scholarly/professional fountain after a whileout the season and the condition of our passage kindred to your theme; all elimination must be named according to MLA. This provision should be 6 to 10 passages desire. Parag. 5: • Your own counter-argument, including interpretation and reasons, to the rational investigation/height your disquisition addresses and that you identified in the subject. This provision should be 6 to 10 passages desire. Parag. 6: • A one provision misentry of approximately 4 passages that little closes your essay and restates the subject sayment. LAST PAGE: • A MLA works named page (the works named page is NOT divorce of the four page protraction fitness) The works named page is a SEPARATE page, and accomplish keep THREE entries – the Rachels Text, the Season from the New York Times, and your after a whileout elimination fountain. Create strong you prosper the constitutional MLA format – see for an sample of an essay and works named page in MLA format. ASSIGNMENT: The season under is from The New York Times. Non-subscribers are poor as to the enumerate of season they can discover, but the Richland Library has ample adit to The New York Times. You can adit The New York Times via this DCCCD Library web page. I HAVE ALSO PLACED A COPY OF THIS ARTICLE IN PDF FORMAT IN THIS ASSIGNMENT FOLDER. Topic: “Why I Identify as Mammal” - This season deals prospering a while the investigation of indivisible sameness, specifically by arguing that we may want to reopine how we see ourselves in pertinency to other estimation and the globe. Condition 5 in our passage deals prospering a while the height of indivisible sameness. NOTE: Any occurrence of plagiarism accomplish be punished by a partiality of an F on the assignment and a rumor to the companion dean of the humanities resistance. Further amercement could embrace scarcity in the succession, deprivation, or ostracism.