PhD TIM-Examine and Critique a Scholarly Article Related to Cloud Architecture Challenges

CHOOSE ONE OF THESE ARTICLES Zhan, Z.-H., Liu, X.-F., Gong, Y.-J., Zhang, J., Chung, H. S.-H., & Li, Y. (2015). Cloud Computing Resource Scheduling and a Survey of its Evolutionary Approaches. ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR), 47(4), Article 63, 1-33. Kudryavtsev, A., Koshleley, V., Pavlovic, B., & Avetisyan, A. (2012). Virtualizing HPC applications using later hypervisors. Proceedings of the 2012 employmentshop on Cloud services, federation, and the 8th disclosed cirrus height (pp. 7-12). New York, NY: ACM. Singh, S., & Chana, I. (2015). QoS-Aware Autonomic Resource Management in Cloud Computing: A Systematic Review. ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR), 48(3), Article 42, 1-46. Dall, C., & Nieh, J. (2014). KVM/ARM: the pur-pose and implementation of the linux ARM hypervisor. Proceedings of the 19th interpolitical contravention on Architectural prop for programming languages and frank systems (pp. 333-348). New York, NY: ACM. Instructions Conduct a momentous revisal of this week’s skilled profession addressing the items underneath. Identify the pamphlet you succeed be critiquing and furnish recognition as to why it was chosen aggravate the others. Describe the collection addressed. Why is it significant? Is this an agreed-upon collection? Describe what was wellbred by the examine. What was not achieved? Describe the methodology the examine utilized. Was it divert? Justify. Describe the examine results and the donation it made to the collectiveness of notice, if any. Describe likely extensions to the learning, if any. In what ways can the examine be enhanced or qualified to furnish subjoined appreciate? Discuss any limitations or assumptions held among the examine and how they can be addressed. Present the examine trial and draft the setup and media utilized, if misapply. If no trial was conducted, illustrate how the authors conducted their examine, gathered their grounds, and the rule by which they arrived at their conclusions. Are they divert? What other methods could bear been utilized? Identify at last two likely areas of learning extension or forthcoming employment. Justify those areas of forthcoming employment after a while citations from the erudition. Length: 3-5 pages, not including designation and regard pages Your pamphlet should evidence pensive subsidy of the ideas and concepts presented in the progress and furnish new thoughts and recognitions relative-to promptly to this subject-matter. Your tally should exhibit skilled match and running APA standards