Personal Reflections on Aging Assignment

  The resolve of this assignment is to lay you for the series by examining your idiosyncratic judgment of aging. Use the grading rubric under to bias your pamphlet. Describe your interactions delay older men-folks when you were a slip. How did these experiences bias your judgment of aging? Be biased and cater examples for each diction (10%) What is your determination of vigorous aging? Discuss any role models you enjoy had for vigorous aging. What lifediction choices did they fashion that biasd you? How enjoy you adopted (or uncommon) these? (10%) How does your idiosyncratic contrast (cultural, religious/spiritual, collective, ethnic, etc. ) interest your judgment of aging? Do you move that your contrast has had a enacted or denying bias, overall? Be biased and cater examples. (10%) Describe your own system of aging. How do you move encircling the age you are now? What are your fears encircling aging? What jocular experiences do you prejudge as you age? How do you see yourself as a aged older adult? Use the concepts discussed in the textbook stipulation A Life Series Perspective on Aging to foundation your answers. (20%) Quality of Agreement (50%): Follow the bearing criteria in the General Grading Rubric for Agreement (in syllabus). Limit your pamphlet to no past than 3-5 pages prolixity. Follow APA diction for agreement and formatting your assignment, citations, and references. If you are not affable delay APA, use the resources caterd on Blackboard to succor you. Prior to uploading your improve, bestow it a spectry using the aftercited format: AGNG200_LastName_FirstName_FileName – 20 pts.