Pediatric Sleep Disorders/Sleep in Children with Chronic Illness.

Read Paragraph 25 in your work on snooze disorders Pediatric Snooze Disorders Read the 4 sprightly handouts- all are pdfs entitled D10-Obstructive Snooze Apnea, D12-Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), D13-Periodic Limb Movements (PLMS), D14-narcolepsy, Watch the powerpoint after a while Voiceover in Week 4 folder on behavioral treatments of snooze disorders Read the pdf on snooze in offspring after a while constant illness Read the pdf on paragraph 14 Clinical contingency on snooze disorders You conciliate grant a 4-5 page (Thorough!) unique spaced tabulation of what you enjoy reviewed and what you literary. (harmonious so I perceive they are completed). FOR ANY CREDIT: 1) IT MUST BE 4 FULL pages unique spaced; 2) you must connect to the pleased of each view of the assignment (ppts, videos, readings, etc); and 3) furnish a few statements on the assignments as far as what you literary, what you didnt perceive, your reaction to the distillation what is most considerable, what you affectd/didn't affect environing the distillation. If your original reaction tabulation is not punish I conciliate grant you to reresign it the forthcoming week. TEST QUESTIONS: Each week concurrently after a while the reaction tabulation you conciliate resign 3 criterion questions from either the Handwork of Psychology paragraph that week. If there is not a paragraph, enucleate 3 from any sunder of the assignments that week. PLACE THESE ON THE FOLLOWING PAGE AFTER YOUR REACTION SUMMRY ENDS> THEY DO NOT COUNT TOWARD PAGE REQUIREMENT FOR REACTION SUMMARY